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Keldel told how many camels they had eaten

Almost a lawyer, influence and model Kel Calderon Once again, he is traveling. He first traveled through Dublin and traveled to Morocco to share the landscapes taken from a movie.

In an African country, something strange happened to him that he was a 500-dollar buyback. Soon after her photograph of her photographer and photographer Oscar, she contacted her Instagram account.

Oscar: "Kelly asks me a lot:She is your girlfriend? No, my friend. "
Man:I give you 300 drawers"
Oscar: "She's not selling."
Man: "How long do you want 500?"
Oscar: "Morocco does not have enough doomers"

"The guide told us that this joke would be used to convince the tourists Never stoodIt was just a city myth, "said Morro, who was keen to express his confidence.


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