Friday , June 9 2023

Kel Calderon intercepted Raghal Argondon from Intergram, and did not know what had happened to her.


"On my right leg, I've lost my big foot," Caldon Calderon told his Instagram followers. But a person, perhaps most important, remained uninformed. Rockwall Aggardon, her mother, could not find a publication on social network.

The hostel and the host asked "welcome" to Tommy Tommys Agricultural Radio She did not know what happened to her daughter and what to answer. "He has forbidden me," he said.

"I stopped in stories, and this was in the story of Jeep Exhibition in Wright.

"I did not reply to the phone yesterday, I went home, and I had keys, I lost his keys, I went to his house, he was not home, I mean, did not rest," he continued.

"I was upset, three days ago I should see her, she did not tell me I had already seen from a photographer's friend:" Kel knocked her toes and she fell apart.

Asked what finally happened, Kelly replied: "Mamma, I am silent! Give me life!

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