Monday , February 6 2023

Juan Antonio Koloma: "I am capable of creating the team of Javier Maccoy"


A week after the UDI's internal election, Senator Juan Antonio Coloma announced support for the next UID president of Javier Makhaia in place of General General Jevlain van Rieselberg.

"I spoke to the jakvilinumayi. The world is changing is required, yudi'aikk new energy and Chile (I) have maintained her loyalty to each other. I have a great relationship, but it is raddakkunnilla me think. What I refuse to think that I can not fulfill my ideas sakaryannaluntenn yudi'aiykk day. This is a political performance Iphalanannal, especially on the right. "

Kolma also expressed her concern over Mayor Jolie Bozzero's visit to the former Mayor's Office and insisted her support for Makaia: "He expected Haddad to lose, but it was part of an internal discussion, something that would expect a candidate to win, and the other in connection with what was said in the campaign It did not represent me, "he told Ed McCurriy.

He added that the winner's relationship with the government is good. "I do not see the Copernican difference between the two lists in relation to the government and the UDI has a good relationship and the government always thinks UDI is a reliable factor in the future,

"The first thing to do is to make the first one realistic and to see how we can fit and influence." The logic of governance is not easy, and I wish to raise it privately when it comes to making it public, and if it is necessary to do it publicly, it must be publicized, "he adds.

Finally, Kollo concluded: "We should try to ensure as much as possible that UDI principles are possible, and I have more UDI."Until the end ".

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