Thursday , June 8 2023

It's the same! Panchuva compared her Savior to Chimlio after she published a photo of her childhood


After the publication of a photography, it became the first virus in 2019 after publishing a photography comparable to the owner of the bird named Chimovene, Renato Barrera.

Driver Talking places He has a photo post with his instagram account, which appears only at ten years of age. In it, he looks with his relative, as he does, wearing a school uniform.

But in spite of the surprise of the fans, the animation came to the notice of the director. It was compared to that viral young character. As seen in the picture, his texture and black hair is very similar to Chimuelo owner.

This is the image:

Pancho Chevadra Instagram

"You seem to be the owner of Chimula", "I thought the body was owned by Chaimau's, Lyndo Panchato and L Chimo, and my daughter was part of the image that added 30,000 likes.

However, it was not observation. In addition, some users of social networks resemble another viral character, Safarada. "Suffra !!", said to a person in the Pancho Zearthara's statue.

This is a photo of Chimolio's owner:

Simmons Reproduction

Are they alright?

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