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It is still shining in the highest hole in Lotus history

The FIG Lotus lotteryHe was on Thursday The best in its history 860 million pesos in the main competition and 10 billion in total draws.

We are continuing to record the figures. For the first time, a national game has an 11 digit number, As Loto's product manager has been confirmed, Crystalline padduo.

"We're here Storage 41"Said the executive, that the company expects" Three and a half million rides"This is a projection for the previous results: On Tuesday, Lloydto registered 2,800 million onions.

"Last week we had one lakhs and 100,000 strings," he said.

Once again, once again the natives of this country have long duration of dreaming to win this historic dream.

It should be remembered The ticket selling agency is only 2 per cent of the total wellIt is estimated that 167,200 million pesos and 8,192,800 pesos will succeed.

Pooja will be 11 billion peso if the balance is equal to the winners.

Some purchases that can be purchased with drawing lots Today They are a Mercedes with eight million dollars; 27 billion apartments to 390 m La Barnesha has four beds and four bathrooms; Or 310 tickets will travel on the continent in a market that includes Miami, Uruguay, Colombia, Colombia, Jamaica, Ecuador, Brazil, Peru, United States, Falkland Islands, and Chile.

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