Friday , September 30 2022

Insight query uses its French zeigmography on Mars


Insight on Mars arrived successfully on the surface of Mars, successfully deploying an underground seismometer built by a French instrument. A major tool to continue the scientific mission was announced Tuesday.

The device is designed with the value of millions of euros and designed by the French Agency CAES, to hear the internal arcs of the red planet and the history of its formation.

"It's important to deploy Zeiss Someter as Mars Insight Landing," said NASA mission scientist Bruce Banard.

"This is the insight's priority tool: We need at least three parts for our scientific goals," he adds.

According to the US Space Agency, 1,64 meter siliconometer investigated the robotic globe.

SEIS (Seismic Test for Interior Structures, Earthquake Test for Internal Structure) Listens small short stories that are caused by meteoric shock waves and earthquakes.

These waves can draw the first three-dimensional port of the mission of Mars, which will help us better understand the formation of the billions of years before the so-called "Red Planet".

"This seismometer is having a phone near your ear." Phillip Logano, Philip Geophysics expert at the Institute of Physical doctors in Paris, explained Philip Loganona, father of this valuable tool.

The insight probe, which was valued at $ 993 million, came to land on November 26.

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