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The speed of Tuesday is 19,800 km in the Martian atmosphere. Mars must go to Mars to explore Mars. It aims to hear the earthquake and learn the built-in work in the rocky cliff.

The ship must survive a crucial entry into the atmosphere of the red planet and the speed of the vessel at 8 km / h.

The vehicle, which was launched on May 5, made 482 million km (7,005 km) from California's Wandenberg Airbase nearly seven months ago. By 2030, NASA expects to inform the human planet about the red planet.

The landing from Mars is the first since 2012
NASA has reached the surface, and the planet near the planet has now analyzed the rocks of cold, dry life.

Entrance, landing and landing will start at 19:47 GMT (2:47 p.m., Columbia Time) on Monday. In half, in NASA they are admitted as "six-minute terrorists" at that stage.

Central instrument is the seismometer invented by the French federal agency.

Phobos is known to have the Moon's weak lawn, impact of meteorites, and volcanic activity, including the tiny earthquake of Mars, with 6 terrestrial sensors on board.

This is the first mission to study the deep submarines of Mars, "deputy director Fernando Abelera of Insight Design and Navigation said. "By studying the waves on the surface of Mars, through its seismometer, we will collect more information on the shape of the planet with the last 3,000 million years" He added.

More than 4.5 billion years ago, Earth has been taught about Earth's creation. But on the surface, the bark was repaired and lost many of the Earth's evidence. This process does not exist on Mars.

Another instrument which is of primary importance is the investigation of the physical features and the heat produced by the German Aerospace Center (DLR). A 5 m depth of 5 m depth can be built on the surface. The underground heat of Mars and the heat exchanges within it.

Insight landing is drawn with a parachute. The friction that enters the atmosphere of the red planet will help reduce the ship's speed.

NASA is the flat region of the landing site Elysium Planitiya, the largest parking loop on Mars.

NASA will tell you within minutes that the landing is successful or not, but have to wait more than five hours to confirm the deployment of equipment.

Only 18 of the 43 missions started on Mars have reached the planet. 40% of the successful ones are from America. "Mars is very difficult to travel," said Thomas Saubuchan, associate administrator of the Directorate of Scientific Mission in NASA.

The excitement is that we work at the success of a team that has been included in the NASA team with contractors and collaborators.

Other details of the inquiry

Insight is named & quot; landscape queries, geodosphere, hot traffic & # 39; Using & # 39; Insertion Exploration & # 39; From the name. One meter stops from the surface, once the solar panels are deployed like a Harley Davidson motorcycle weighing about 6 meters long and weighing 360 kg with the full load of fuel.


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