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Innovatone: ideas for making future telethons | News

Can you imagine an institution unusual? Telethon is more than classical rehabilitation centersDo you use technology to promote your ability to help those with disabilities from a distance?

They thought of 2018 Innovatone when they thought in Chlaro Chile. After 27 hours of traditional television, they could not think of it: A marathon session – or HakathonAs they are known in the tech world – where young developers have their best to create web platforms or mobile applications In 1978, with the launch of the Mas Kretsberger, the focus was focused on innovation.

That's how this match, on a whole weekend, was welcomed About 200 people participated, The children working at the Tellon Foundation are the producers of business models, mentors, jurors, family and supporters of the new ideas.

On Saturday, they are divided into 16 teams as well as, They slept for hours without sleep for hours – challenging them to imagine telemetry imagination for the telephone hospital., Mobile phones and tablets or notebooks that can fully collaborate with their recovery experience.

Jury, Directed by Don Francisco, and Director of Xenena Casarejos – Fundación Teletón, the principal figures of digital transformation – Juan Pablo Quesz, founder of Cornershop, or entrepreneur Leo Pretio- She took charge of the election. Three challenges are very tight competition involving three "sudden deaths" or residues to take three challenges.

So, on Sunday only six projects remain. Its partners, the capacity of their awakening, They showed zealously everywhere. On the final pitch, TVN It's easy to find the staff-1 outside the Competitor Studio studio. But a call was enough, He also ran to the platform with the participants of each team through the classic rocky landscape Be self-sufficient in the final presentation. The decision made by the jury was timely because the decision was difficult.

Finally, there was a white smoke in midnight. Winners "Konnetton"Patients, relatives, medical team support, management project of container networks; "Kinetone"An app that allows you to follow recovery exercises through mobile devices; And "Fatty"Remote rehabilitation of patients allows.

Three received 40 million pesos prizes. In addition, Teleton can open the door for 40 years.People with disabilities are not just an institution, they are communicating with them on-the-go and communicating with them about the future and the future. 1978

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