Sunday , May 28 2023

In today's Chile, the rupee has depreciated against the dollar


According to data from Bloomberg, the exchange rate rose to $ 671.79 a barrel. It was close by 0.03 per cent yesterday.

An exchange rate in the Chile will end at the end of the day By default, the dollar is internationally booming and growing currencies.

The Nifty closed at 672.70 dollar. The Sensex closed at $ 0.6 a barrel.

This is the international currency price of the US currency in the dollar's index, which occurs at a time when it opposes a palace of world currencies. They lose the level of 0.23% and almost all major emerging currencies.

In recent days, where the signals were added to global investments, the recent trends in global growth were centered on concerns.

On the one hand, these anxieties are strengthened by a contraction in the export of Japan. It strengthens the thesis of the recession and solves the interventions of China and the United States in a short period of time.

Stocks in Europe, while the S & P 500's profit surpassed its market expectations after IBM.

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