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In Spain, where Videl is likely to leave, International football


© Reuters Responsibilities in Spain where Videl is likely to leave

Sports media and fans as mentioned by AC Milan as footsteps of the Barcelona game.

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The emerging information in Europe created creativity AC Milan Wants to Arthur Widell Prominent. News and fans are showing off on these possibilities from these sports media.

Sport For example, "he is not competing in Milan and easy to reach out to the opponent's field." He has acted in his film Saree A a few years back. (From 2011 to 2015). So his approach to the calcium will be immediate. "

Mindo Depotivo In the meantime, he says in his publication: "The player from Chile who passed through Juventus had a very good sign in Italy, and now a man in love with him Genaro Gatüsso. "


What are you saying? In a comment published in sports, a message was sent to Videl in Barcelona.

"I think Videl should not leave, Now he's brave and started to play, what should he do? " "Artver Vidal has a race. Other players in the club are not except Luis Suarez. It did not pay all the gold in the world. "" Videl, who arrived at Barka, did not finish, she'd like to take it away ", had some messages.

In a tweet, El Penalty di Barcello on the sports program released a future survey on the wheel.

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