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In Chile, women have breast cancer

He says
The Ministry of Health provides information on breast cancer
Last year, I was presented as a major cause of Chile's death.
In addition, APT points out that the second factor is cancer
Death at National level after blood disease

Up and down
Every day it needs breeding of breast cancer
Women in Chile have four new deaths
The disease is late. Above the above, general statistics indicate
It is this method that every three hours a new case is diagnosed in the country
One in every four diagnoses is cancer.

On the other hand, each each
Ten new breast cancer patients are diagnosed with women over 50 years of age
One of the main components is the age of the ages. As mentioned above,
Tobacco, alcohol and fruit consumption have been found to be low consumption
Vegetables and salt.

It agrees
Notice that breast cancer was synthesized in July 2005
Proper health guarantees (GES) which guarantee admission to the entire population
Opportunity, financial coverage, quality of comprehensive care; Without
However, it does not give this disease completely.

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