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In Brazil, stars will be star in 2019


  • The Ambassador of the tournament will be the driver of Café and Dadder. Ronaldinho Gouro will give a special partnership to Martha, Sanaty, Zico, and Romero.

The Brazilian Copelbeat will be Brazil 2019, with the main characters from South American football. Syed Dass at Rio de Janeiro will be organizing a five-time World Championship and tournament ambassador Kafu on Thursday at 8.30 am on Thursday. Diego Lugano, Giovanni Sanaty, Martha, Francisco Maturana, Romerito, Sa Roberto and Siveco. The rumors will be broadcast live on SporTV channel.

Ronaldinho Gaúcho will make a special partnership with the world's best 60-minute ceremony in 2004 and 2005. CONMEBOL Copa América There is an excellent chapter on the path of the star. Fifteen-year-old was a professional footballer who gained the attention of the world by gaining a beautiful goal against Venezuela.

Chile champion stage will be represented on stage. Winner of the 2015 and 2016 winners team member Jean Buzaujorg will award the trophy for Copa America. This will be held from June 14th.

Selected players

Martha is the best player in the world, six times in the Brazilian team's history. Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina will be heads of state. Argentina will play in the Argentinean junior saneti Bolílliero 2, the second player to have more matches in the history of the Argentinean team. There will be Colombia, Chile and Peru.

In Brazil, Venezuela, Paraguay and Japan, Bolivier's third is Brazil and Sikkim in Japan. In Boliviero 4, Colombia's Technical Champion Francesco Mutranana, Ecuador, Bolivia and Qatar are all set to define Colombia in 2001.

Bombay A, 1997, 1999, in the Brazilian squad, Sica Roberto, Bombo B, in the Paraguay Championship in Romario, Colombia, 1979. Uruguayan Diego Lugano, 2011, will be owned by Bombay CC.

Sweepstakes format

In the FIFA ranking in December 2018, he acted as the foundation of all key heads. The division of teams in four groups of CONMEBOL Copa América Brasil 2019 draw has been determined.

Brazil, the host country, is an important player in the group A, with a different color ball. Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina will host the tournament. B and C (always 1 in these groups).

After the level of the main heads (titles 1B, 1C), the groups formed by each group will be positioned in their positions. Selecting square 2, 3, and 4 in squares will be associated with positions in the group A, B and C.

The group is in Colombia, Chile and Peru groups. Venezuela, Paraguay, Japan Group 3 and Group 4 are in Ecuador, Bolivia and Qatar.

In different groups, teams from Japan and Qatar can not face each other in group stages.


The 12th edition of the world's oldest tournament, followed by 30 in Brazil and 30 host cities (Belo Horizonne, Porto Alegre, Rio de Janeiro, Salvador and Sao Paulo) will be attended by 12 teams. Nine FIFA World Cup titles and the greatest footballers in world football.

In addition to 10 US and South Korean countries from Brazil, Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela, Japan and Qatar will also be participating in the event.

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