Thursday , November 26 2020

"I think I had a problem with difficult times when life is complicated and sometimes people do not know"

A few days after the big audience of the film "My friend Alexis"Famous video footballer Alexis Sanchez reflects a high and low picture of his life through a video.

"I feel I have suffered the pain of adverse moments that people are sometimes unlikely to be complicated in life"Sanchez agreed.

Wonder child is seeing this situation after the difficulties faced by his football career "Every issue is best for you, I've taken it as a footballer in my life." He added:It's not easy for everyone to look at you, complain and point you. "

In the movie "My Friend Alexis", you know the story of a boy who loves to play football with friends of his friends and when you complete their dreams, get to know your idols. So, in a story that combines humor, stardom, soccer and adventure, there are some scenes that remind him of the childhood football of his own, Topagalla.

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