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How much exercise does it need to reduce the risk of death?

Posted on 03/11/2014 8:10:34CET

Madrid, March 20 (EUROPA PRESS) –

Walking, gardening, and lower levels of physical activity can lead to death due to cardiovascular disease and cancers. The study, published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, & # 39;

More activities such as running, cycling, competitive sports, or more powerful activities are associated with added weight benefits due to the risks involved in these activities.

Each year, a representative of the United Nations Population Survey asks for their health and lifestyle in sample national health interview surveys. The survey was conducted till December 31, 2011 to calculate the performance of 88,140 people between the ages of 40 and 85 between 1997 and 2008.

They compute the overall physical activity of participants with definitions from US US standards for 2008. This is about one minute energy activities, running, fast biking, or competitive matches, bright walking, gardening or dance in a two minute moderate drive. Minimum length of ten consecutive steps can be taken into consideration.

When compared to those inactive, People who attended moderate physical activity had a free mortality rate of 10 to 59 minutes at their free time and 18 per cent For some reason in the course of the study, health benefits have continued to increase due to increased operational levels.

The US Guidelines for 2008 should take at least 150 minutes, but at least have to work. People who attended 150-299 minutes per week reduced their full risk of death to 31 percent. Those who recording ten times a week (1,500 minutes or more) reduce their risk (46 per cent decrease).

Do people volunteer for a short while

The deaths from cancer are associated with higher redundancies. Those who were active for 10-59 minutes of cardiovascular stroke and heart attack were less than 12 percent. 120- compared to dead people with an average of 379% in 299 minutes.

However, higher levels of physical activity are not associated with large gains. People who have been active for 1,500 minutes or more per day believe that cardiovascular diseases are at a disadvantage of 33%, so their activity is slightly higher than those recommended for action, but who are more moderate amounts.

This is an observation study, so it can not be established and is based on partners' performance standards. However, writers point it out Learning has many strengths, And its findings support U.S. recommendations in operational fields, including a large sample size representative of the population in the United States.

The study proved There were very little risk of death compared to the men who performed very physical activity compared to those of light / modest physical activitySo, as the US guidelines, authors suggest that more and more people are doing more intensive activities for a while.

They will reach higher levels of physical activity – they have responded to 1,500 minute or more – "It's difficult to get a job for adults." "Participation in intense activism is far more effective than moderate intensity," authors say, "a very intense physical activity may be attraction for a healthy person with limited time."

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