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How long will the cell phone end if there is no programmed disability? – BBC News


How many times has your cellphone been changed? Most buyers should wait two years to get rid of their "old" smartphone. But what if companies do not deliberately minimize these devices?

It's easy to find a excursion to change the mobile phone, it is out of date, does not offer 4G (or 5G, or 6G or later), the battery does not work well, the camera is damaged or happened Fashion

According to the Global Data from the Market Financial Information Site, The average consumer renews his cell phone once every 15 months. The average lifespan of a mobile phone does not last long: Between 18 and 24.

"Instead of" consumption "instead of" verb "The BBC has reportedly told BCC Muni or Benito Muron, president of FNC (Energy and Sustainable Innovation in Programmed Obesions), who has investigated this problem for 19 years.

Throwing an iPhone in the trash

Often, smartphones are left out prematurely.

Murrow points out that there is no awareness in the practice of companies by deliberately minimizing the lives of their products The event called the "Program" or "Planned" – a "very serious issue" at the environmental and social level, Well, that's it Make electronic tons of electronic waste Inequality is upholding the world by "letting investors in the hands of wealthy banks and big corporations". "

What is the program inappropriate?

  • The last project of a useful life of product or service is planning or programming.

  • After the time on which the manufacturer precedes, it is not expired, disabled, useless, or useless.

  • According to the United Nations, we manufacture 50 million tons of electronic waste annually.

  • These wastes will usually be made into large houses in developing countries in Asia and Africa.

Sources: Equity Foundation (Argentina) / Contión (Spain)

"From 10 to 12 years old"

A cell that is not sexually explicit in the program "says Murrow for 10 to 12 years"About Mechanical and Electronic Part".

"Regarding Software, It requires a useful life Between Six And Eight 8 years, If this is designed and combined with some technological advancements which have not been abandoned, "said the Specialist BBC Forever.

Cell phones

How often do you refresh your mobile phone?

FBian Huhen, a spokesman for Durr, company that developed the world's first moral telephony in 2013, is associated with the resources and resources responsible for this process, BBC Mundo said. Lifestyle The level of electronic waste will be increasedThe southern hemisphere ends. "

The accelerated production of cell phones "creates CO2 emissions and quits expensive minerals, which are not always recycled by a phone," says Hoon.

The Firefox package that was developed in 2015 is the "First Removable Cell Phone", which is easy to open, repair, and update. Smartphone For three to five years, "he explains.

That's not the length of cell phones "It depends on how people use it."

Landfill in Africa

Electronic waste stops at the southern pole.

Murrow agrees: "You do not need to stop buying what you need, But the need to buy and repair products that can be purchased, You can always have the latest technology, so you do not have to buy the entire device, "he says.

"It is challenging to convince the people about the serious problem of promoting challenges, not the stable growth, but the shift in a change based on sustainability."

But many companies are not interested in the change, he saidEuropean lobbies "are going to implement unfinished rules and regulations about the outdated instability".

"There is a criminal pretext for scheduled crime crimes, while the outdated inconsistency has broken the products Naturally The objects can no longer stand, or because they are looting. That's how we become the system's lies, "he says.

What are the producers saying?

"All manufacturers They will minimize or decrease the useful lives of their products, "says Mor.

"The problem of ordinary citizens is lack of information and there are not many media talking about it, it's likely to be very low," adds Barcelona.


Apple has created a software of some of the iPhone's models, including 7 names "Avoid Blackouts".

Apple recently made news He realized that his phones would be slowl It argues that "aging" lithium batteries tend to do so.

Our goal is to provide our customers with the best experience. The company said in December last year.

Apple and Samsung, the world's most selling cell phone company, was hit by cell phones from Italy's competitor firm Market Guarantor Authority (AGCM) on October 24.

AGCM says the users of the software installed on the software that reduces the performance of Samsung Galaxy Note 4, isThe company says the company's takeover is against the agency decision.

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