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HIV-positive HIV-resistant nuclear power plant at Risakovi hospital

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The mother of the child under the age of 11 reported that the daughter of the affected HIV infected patients resulted from a surgical interaction conducted by the stereologic material at Regional Hospital in Rinkakwa. From the health center, they went to the footsteps of critics and announced the precautions in the case of Fiskia that they had a summary.

"On October 27, children under the age of 15 were working, reported a downward trend in surgery, which is associated with a change that could be part of infertility," said Cicily Pieroscchi, Director of the Rinkaggua Regional Hospital. .

The professional guarantees that if they discover uncontrolled, "they immediately decided with the director and health problems." This is the administrative summary and the documents are available to the prosecutor's office.

In parallel, Pyotrassi concluded that "a defensive operation was performed to the patients who worked at that point."

Responding to HIV's diagnosis, it is "very low reaction, confirmation is in progress" and "has not yet been infected".

The professional explains "There is a gray bar, many times coming out and ISP needs to go to ensure many patients." Therefore, he argues that "the patient is not infected".

In the same line, "Everything that is infected with HIV, we confirm this girl, is all negative, all the tests go negative, but we're going to do more, just another sample within three months".

In that sense, he argued, "We do not know we can not confirm that there is any kind of infection".

It is expected that a new sample examination will be conducted within the next 10 days and sent to the Institute of Public Health (ISP).

"Sisela Pyatrosky said that this fact was a factor in a transparent act of management of the hospital's health services and that they did not blame parliamentarians and patients here and that it was the direction of health." Every face of parents is elaborated in detail and they are monitored. We will take all the steps to restore the parents and the children. "

Finally, in an internal summary of the regional hospital, Piotrosky told the press conference: "We will investigate the entire pavilion process." "This process focuses attention on all aspects." Note that, for example, officers, doctors, and all stages of sterilization. "

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