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His mother who is ill will be "killed"

A woman died of decades ago and a rare neurological disease caused by a fetus during pregnancy.

The fetus has been infected with her mother, Crazefeld-Jacob. It has been expanded all these years.

Older adults were born with a rare genetic variation in the brain damage. It reduces mental activity and movements.

Father inherited the patient's heritage. However, a woman who is 70 years old dies not only changes their genes but dies as well.

Experts said that the infection of the fetus resulted in the son's illness, as the tumor cells entered the brain and traveled through the body to reach the brain.

When the woman is pregnant, the fetal cells travel through the placenta throughout the body, and the mother of her organs, said the doctor and researcher at the university hospital in Copenhagen, Osirin Arvivisteut.

Today the infected son is still alive.

The doctor, who is suspected of having a genetically modified mother, could have a son in his own right and was diagnosed in the medical examination.

"There are no treatments, and diagnosis is not good," said Dr. Osrain Areshkist. "This is a sad story," he said. The case was published in the Journal of Neuropathology and Experimental Neurology.

Creutzfeldt-Jakob can be characterized by a disease, transmitted through conventional disease or infected tissue contact, for example during a transplant or eating contaminated meat.

TEXT: Rodigogo Gonzalez

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