Thursday , June 8 2023

High fat diet increases the risk of listening


It was first demonstrated by scientists from the University College Cork (Ireland) Fat is high in a diet It reduces the effectiveness of the immune system especially against intestinal diseases caused by food poisoning, particularly through intestinal and bacterial "listator monocytes."

The researchers conducted a study in which Eli meets A & # 39; Western & # 39; Cuisine (high fat and low in fiber) Bacteria and immune systems that live in the intestine (intestinal microbiota) affect the immune system. Even short-term consumption of high-fat food has increased the number of intestinal cells. The goal of the list of immunizations was to make changes in the structure and immune system of microbiote. High-fat foods resulted in inflammation of the intestine.

High fat diet increases the risk of listening

"Short term consumption High fat diet & # 39; Femimites & # 39; Increases the bacteria. Changes in the body's entire immune system, local changes in the function of gastrointestinal cells, and changes in the intestinal microbiotics that help the infection of the liver and the effects of food. "Vanessa Las Herras, one of the study authors.

In short, food substances have a significant impact on the prevention of epidemics resulting from gas precaution and immune system. "It's human health, especially in pregnancy, in aging, and vaccination, and there are more possibilities for research on epidemiology," said researcher Kormak Gahan.

Researchers have found that rats in the diet are associated with Western foods (low in fat and low in quantities) in the immune system and the intestinal bowel disease (the microbial in the bathroom).