Wednesday , September 28 2022

He's gone … may come back: Marie Salas Wants soccer


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Francisco Lana | Archive the UNO agency

Flip & # 39; s on the last minute. Forward Andrews WilsezLast season, the loan was taken off by the Catholic University and the colo colo eliminated – to return to the incredible way to "Keiku".

Following a request from all technical advisers Masse salasThe question of the former leader of Hussetta

If the new negotiations are successful, Wills First & # 39; Albas & # 39; Next season.

Remember that he is the player that he will terminate his contract with a few weeks ago – Bio bio sports his agent's approval– even though, & # 39; Commander & # 39; The arrival of goods may have changed.

On the other hand, UCC publicly expressed his wish to return to their ranks by Juan Tagel Wilson: "We expressed our wish to continue and that the ball is on your side," he said.

Of course, they will have to wait from Sun Carlos de Apcovdo because of a contract issue, despite the recent settlement, Colo Cologne has the first option to hire itself.

Remember that the PetroCenter's box office reconstructed in the last hour Augustine Orion, Julio Barroso.

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