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Hepatitis C, a damaged, damaging, silent disease


CDMX. December 20, 2018 .- The Hepatitis C This is a disease that should be considered public health problems. Alto Tora Delgadillo, head of the specialty course in clinical hepatology and liver transplant at the National Institute of Medical Sciences, said.

The specialist in gastroenterology and hepatology suggests that the disease can not be symptomatic and can take up to 20 years. However, he warns, it can The ruin that can not be recovered Health.

In Mexico it has a purpose to delete it Disease This can be done by appropriate diagnosis to support those suffering.

Second Preparations organized by INCMNSZ's Hepatolysis and Hepatitis Transplant Unit in Gastroenterology Department: Integral Approach Hepatitis C, Mexico's Coordinator Torridge Delgado.

He said 399 thousand deaths from hepatitis C1 diseases were accounted for by 400,000 Mexicans worldwide, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). Only 20 percent of these cases are diagnosed.

Most oils who have been diagnosed with a timely manner of treatment, especially at any given stage of their lifespans or injections, were transferred prior to 1995, if they were tattoos, cookies, or they were infected with the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV).

"Thanks to science, renovation and expertise, many countries have made progress, but there are no tricks in blocking and reporting this disease in Mexico"He added.

In Mexico, 65% of Hepatitis C and 90% of Hepatitis C is recommended to reduce the number of specific treatments called pan genotypics. Death to 2030

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