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He was depressed, wanteding to kill himself on his head, but he failed and put the faulty face:

The 26-year-old man, Cameron Underwood, who was a waiter, was brought to California by the head of California in the US in 2016 to bring his own life.

However, he failed in his purpose and lived alive, but his face was totally ugly. This fact, he was able to see the condition of illness.

He missed most of the lower jaws, and actually lost his teeth or fingers. The remaining issues of magic and gum have had fluid diet.

The underwood was there when he met Edward Rodriguez, a surgeon of the hairdresser at the University of New York, New York.

In January of this year, Dr. Cameron was undergoing surgery. Hundreds of doctors participated in it. It lasted for 25 hours. There, using a 3D computer and a 3D printed mask on the console's face, the expert could completely change the condition of the young man.

It was exhibited ten months later. A man next to the surgeon held a press conference and said the details of the case. "I'm really happy to have me face-to-face because I have a second chance in life," said Underwood.

"I am still well healed, especially my lips, and I'm still very happy, because I have a nose and a mouth, I can still enjoy the good, talk and eat." .

Who was that

To transplant, Rodriguez suffered a shortage of 23 years younger writer William Fisher, who died in the end of the patient's post mortem.

"I'd like to say that there have been tremendous improvements in the surgery, but I live in it, but this is only because of the special people like the bow and his family," Cameron said.

William took appreciation of her mother. "My son's death was a tragedy, we could give others life to complete his decision, especially the bow and Dr. Rodriguez, and Cameron and his family to give their dreams back," she told Salley's mother Salley.

"As part of this experience I have become a source of strength for me, and I do not think Cameron will survive death if not for Cameron.


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