Sunday , May 28 2023

Global attention after the disappearance of a Argentinean flag – International football


© AFP Global attention is paid after a Argentinean flight aircraft disappeared

The sports media around the world has clarified what happened with Emiliano Sanala, who had come to join the new club to the cartier city.

A private flight from Argentina Footballer Emilioano Salah French police reported on Monday night that disappeared in British television.

In 2018, the French club passed the disclosure of the striker Cardiff City nurseIn the English First Division, a Welsh club was traveling to Cardiff In a small plane that disappears about 20 km from English Island Guernsey.

Guy's police station was in the limelight after two men were detected after the tragedy. The passengers returned on Tuesday.

But French police confirmed this Emilioan Salah was the tool on the board.

In the first half of the season, 12-goer with Nandas handed a record card of 17 million euros.


In the Premier League, he has been placed at 18th to save his team.

On Monday, he went to the Nurse trainer to recover his last personal belongings. The club's Twitter social network account was published and a photograph was encircled by former team members.

Last message in Emalian Saala Instagram before disappearing

Last message in Emalian Saala Instagram before disappearing