Thursday , November 21 2019
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Garmin smart watches now support Spotify

The only high-end smartwatches per GPS engine are using your watch and Bluetooth headphones.

Garmin, the worldwide car that you know through your car's GPS Wearable. In addition to their tasks, their smart mid-range and high-end watches Offline Exercise and muscle spots were already a music playback through a telephone and Bluetooth.

Now, add more actions smartwatches, Kansas Company Announced an alliance with Spotify, It will allow you to upload Playlists Without a cell phone, without a cell phone, listen to them without a connection to 16 GB.

The watches that have this operation are line Fenix ​​5 Plus And 645 music by ForresterIncludes GPS-based models in other features that do not require phones. The third variable will be added to the list VivoActive 3 Music, And it fits in the future.

Garmin watch

How should this be done? Users of one of these watches should download Spotify application from Connect IQ and Garmin Application Virtual Store Playlists. Yes, You will need a Spotify premium account To activate the activity, so please free users, so please. Contrary to what you thought, syncing directly via Wi-Fi.

Another higher level function Carmine PayneThis is the first time Google Google Pay has been created in our country that allows you to close and use only the clock. We were informed that we were working with international calls from the Garmin, but they are discussing national banks to support Chile credit cards in the near future.

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