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Future of Garrebène in Italy

Cristiano Ronaldo's arrival After winning more than 100 million euros in June last year,The rumors are ordered by the day that various players in Real Madrid can be blacklisted. Jumantz is very impressed with the return of competing in the European championship.

Marvelo, Marco Asuncio and Isco Alarkon are among the many names found in the potential options. Nevertheless, there is no doubt that Vecchia Signora certainly needs to make some of these complex purposes.

Gareth Balé was the agent of Johnnie Barnett about a future in Italy. So in the tutosport statement, the player is not marked in the market. "Can you get to Italy? Now he's happy in Madrid. If I think of the future, nothing is impossible ». Bartnet spoke about Cristiano Ronaldo «An important loss for Real Madrid», It is noted by Garrebale I loved to play with him. In any case, there is no doubt "He's still happy because he was in a good team".

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