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Fried chicken is harming the lives of women aged between 50 and 65 years


Fried chicken is harming the lives of women aged between 50 and 65 years

Fried chicken

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Frequently consumed consumption of fried foods, especially chicken, increases the risk of females aged between 50 and 65.

This report is published in the scientific journal British Medical Journal (BMJ)The daily consumption of fried chicken is 13% increase, causing deaths (clinical) and 12% for women in this category.

Likewise, consumption of fried fish or seafood at least once a day makes up 7% of death and 13% of cardiovascular diseases in the same group.

"All of the public health spectrum can have a substantial effect on reducing consumption of fried foods, particularly chicken, fish and fish," reports a report prepared by a team of researchers, University of Iowa

Research has learned its information Between 1993 and 1998 there were over 107,000 women registered The Women's Health Scheme (WHI) extended till February 2017.

At that time 31,588 deaths occurred. Of these, 9,320 suffered heart attacks, 8,358 cancers and 13,880 for other reasons.

However, researchers have found that the use of these fried foods can lead to cancer Group verified.

The lifestyle, general level of food, education and income are all in consideration of the researchers.

The study also found that older women have a great deal of connectivity with the use of fried food and medicines.

"We realized the possibility of life's easy-to-be-changing hearts," said Weba Babo, a teacher who studied.

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