Thursday , June 8 2023

Francesca Impéden TV and show on Twitter about the dramatic change in Twitter


Outflow of the nursery Ambro Noghaera Drama TV was a major blow to the TV channel in the TNN area. The interpreter agreement has not been renewed. As he predicted in an interview, it will also happen to his colleagues who are wandered until 2019. Francis Rice, Marcelo Alonso, Aljendra Fossalba, Josefina Felcherkon, George Areshchetta.

This is just one of the consequences of the financial crisis of the national channel, which in the recent past may have lost a millionaire.

Nagavara leaves, actress of TVN Decisions Francesca EmbodenHe was speaking on Tuesday in the presence of Assistant Member of the Calearch Awards. Although this situation is "a smile," he added, "we need a new view before the emerging platforms."

"You have to jump on the machine, it's complicated." I did not dare to say it's good or bad, but you need a new look ", He said in conversation with BioBioChile.

"The winners are just one who now believes what will happen with the TV, but the other platforms are not quite as measurable," she told the actress who highlighted the audience. Internet

Impenen says about the importance of TVVN old filmmakers, although their products are relevant, "most people throwers are technicians."

Actually, in Mega's new Telescope, Power games, In addition to his role as a driver It's never too late Radio Romantic and various plays.

In 1997, he worked for TVN for 13 years, and in 2011 moved to Mega, four years ago.

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