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Fortunes are called Coloma: UDI Senator Labor Relations Exchanges

Usually the subject changes into boomerang and shots, always going back to those who uphold the talk against self-government. Many officers and advisors in the administration of Michelle Bachelet, who could live on the state's cost of the state, said what was happening to the government about the work of the right in the reaction of the right in the president's campaign.

When the change of government came, Chile had observed Vammos' relatives and relatives. No matter what the levels are, beans are pieces, and beyond professional skills, those who are thankful to their family name / relatives, are in some places in the state.

When Home Minister Andrews Kahdwick was cut down at one time, his two children were established in different positions, one of whom resigned – UDI Senator Juan Antonio Coloma. One of the biggest relatives of the government.

When faced with a strong domestic competition to define a new president, one of the sectors in the United Department, along with comrade Jacqueline van Rieselberg, by the by-election, and Javier McAfay, one of the main promises of the campaign is to return to the counter in the counter.

Senator Kaloma has played all the chips for McCoy, in which his advisor Juan Antonio is the General Secretary of Alamo's Coloma.

Launched to La Monde, a direct office of the Ministry of Home Affairs and Children's Mate This is Jamie Coloma Alamos, a mentor of the Ministry of International Affairs. The salary of Francis Hoffman, a sister of Mrs. Coloma Almos deputy of one million and nine million pesomas, also received salaries of Maria Jose Hoffmann. Ministry of General General Secretariat His sister's prostitution appears in the palace as a journalist of the segments.

There are two other names from Senator Coloma's networks. This is Thomas Hofmann – brother of the said deputy – national director of Civil Service, Alejandro Weber, Top Public Management with the task of recruiting most positions in public enterprises. There is Felipe Donosso, the governor of Tálka who is the son-in-law of UTs.

In this context, when President Sebastian Pinara's words were inspired by the senator and D.C's Caroline Gickick, a former presidential candidate, he told some of his relatives on behalf of his relatives: "Some families have many public servants because their brothers, their brothers, Dhukkas will start to be established in the public sector.

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