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Following the resumption of Silvina Varas, sincerely and strongly confessing to Ignatious Lentamenta – Shows and culture


© Instagram Ignatius Lenter's sincere and strong confession after the resumption of Silvina Varaas

Several times he realized that former Realty Guy was never again in his life.

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It was declared a few days ago Relationship with former formerly child K Ignatius Lestera Silvina Varas resumed. She had a relationship before entering that program for more than two years.

After the accident that had burned his body, the young man rethought and began to judge and met his former lover again.

However, after the last accident, there was another idea how her life would be, so she made a strong confession.

In an interview, according to the previous model Bye, He never kissed again and thought that it would be too short to keep a love affair.

"I thought you were going to become more and more polite with Silvina, once I told my best friends, I had no girlfriend, no beautiful girl … I looked at her persigno I never even kissed again"Said Ignacio.


After telling a friend what had happened, he asked Silvina, "After a few days, they worked together.

"They have had the slogan for a long time since we've been in contact with Silvina, I never go back to my mind because they did not speak before," he said. "We talked about life with Silvina, our illness, which was very intense. It was very strong, and I stopped holding it, so it was not a long meeting. I wanted to make it easy ".

In the end they remained in touch, and the relationship resumed. "We immediately thought we were not very difficult at all." I looked at her and said, "We are always the same, it's our formula to be natural," he admitted to national publication.

Now Ignacio takes a new action on his face and hopes to cut his pieces.

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