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For the first time (59 editions) in the history of Libertador, for the first time in any major tournament, it was ultimately suspended for the event. What a sorrow! Argentine Football and the security forces in the city of Buenos Aires are pride. The primary sprint failed because this game existed: they must compete because the team's team is safe to the team. In normal conditions.

Some of the police's capitals, like a madman, had a plan: the Lord's bus passes through the streets of thousands of fans around it. How to enter a powder magazine with a torch. The outcome of hope led to the exhaustion. The bus crushed several glasses and affected some players. Boca refused to play. Without little doubt, I was not able to do it emotionally, but chasing him there. Finally, when God leaves from Sunday to Sunday and Sunday, Men, difficulties …

In this time, the logic of football was given: in a country it was in Argentina. In a particular match, Bochah was a river. They are in a 90-year-old hardest competition with a bottle of 90 minutes. Very thick juice came out. They have made so many contradictions that they can not play. It is very beautiful to experience football passion. But when it comes to such irrational levels, it loses all meaning and nature.

Pablo Perez

Pablo Perez, Boca junior's player.


From the newspaper Ole

That rationalism created a ghostly sponsor: Burrow, a deviation from the grown-up fan, is now difficult to influence it. That monster has made an extraordinary business around football and is not ready to lose it. Tickets, sales, threats, results, fakes of ties, t-shirts, hats, scarves, and "caring" cars are sold. When you find a nice place to leave the car with five blocks from the stadium, when a closer look is approached by a frightening, leather-looking man, with a friendly and horrific voice, I say: "I watch your car five to five." The game can not be seen and returned home (car health) Fans total 500 I hate the martial arts. It's about them about ten blocks. Of course, they do not care about anything, they see the game.

In these classics they create genuine luck. On Friday, the head of Rio's bold bar was arrested by the "Kavera" police. For this $ 15,000, 10 million pesos ($ 255,000, 300 tickets). In retaliation, it is believed that the Cavanannet commanded his soldiers to promote riots. They could not ask for tickets for clubs; Now to sell. They also go to this wickedness. A group of fifty people is taken and they run and attack in a portal. The poor control and the police work.

This is where the stadium will go to Barcelona to face Monaco in the Champions League. A similar incident took place in 2017 when the Bombay Dortmund bus hit three explosives. The game changed after the quarter finals. Bouruzia's Spanish defender, Mark Batra, was subjected to serious injuries: The arms and arms were broken into one hand and glass. This should work.

But an exemplary behavior (Dortmund's supporters even stopped their monaco competitors) was not the cause of the terrorist attack, but the attacks of a private person for terrorist or economic reasons. EBy the end of December, Flamengo barbasca destroyed hundreds of Marva fencing without being able to panic at the Kopa Sudamorekana's definition and enter the office sector. That was very serious. But the final was played.

But Flemengo and Independence were a stellar match with a bigger person, but there was no indication that the South American Riviera had been awarded a ray-boa. The world's first world journalism is Labananaara, after that

The "Cladia Servino" promoted "everywhere" is presented in the country's column for "Everything Style". Or, as Gabriel Meluk tweeted in Lymphoto, "the end of the world was the third one".

Dozens of journalists from Italy, Spain, Japan, England, Slovenia, Colombia, Uruguay, Chile, Ecuador and the United States completed Saturday Saturday Saturday. At least 60,000 honorable fans left $ 2.7 million from ticket offices.

Millions of fans in front of television are in the best of the world. We all have the same sadness. They will humiliate others, get the Argentines. There were no suicides or injuries, not even among the admirers, the feeling of organ failure in the bulletin was shameful. Many people wanted to play these games every night, during the night and in the ad. A delimitation

If Argentina is not a habit, it is difficult to show kindness, and society is experiencing a certain conflict in society. Intense and quarrelsome politicization. UN Secretary-General of the Portuguese Antonio Gueurs will reach Buenos Aires on Wednesday. He said in an interview "To build fear, intolerance and faith in many countries". It seems that he was talking about Argentina.

Just five days before the start of the first G20 summit in Latin America, this huge river-Boca president called for a revolt-kaul to Makiri. It will unify leaders of the world's largest and most important twenty-and-twenty countries. Tango's capital will be preserved for a few days. Putin, Trump, Merkal, C-jinping, macron etc. Can you contact the bacchus bus?

Boca was attacked by a few meters on the entrance of the Memorial. He was shocked and upset, and Captain Pablo Perez came with a piece of a piece. So except for this finan, you can not go out and play the game. He claimed not to play.

"There was no logic in advance, we did nothing in the previous match," said Gollermo Barroso Shelotto. That's true: Do not think of exaggeration: Perez reviewed an eye specialist in front of witnesses and found that the vision of the left eye fell by 60 percent. It's not table football, it breaks a munch, and we put another one. Encounter

Boca first tried to leave Saturdays on Saturdays with the passion and function of Bago Del Carmen president Daniel Anegezi Saturday. And there is no presentations on how to avoid the rest of the statements without the "Presentation", ie, run the lawn.

He does not recognize a new dispute date. He will go to the meeting tomorrow in Paraguay. He needs to have duties and serious recognition against the river. Boca is not going to play anymore, 2015's revenge, when he is pulled out of the cup by the compamp, a gold-colored fan threw pepper spray than any other river. That was allowed at that time. Now before a similar event, Boca says, the river is well permitted, and in addition, the confederations have been accused of having a big political burden.

Someone told me that Combobel was in the opposite of neutral stand. Invalid: river not accepted. And what sort of a politician would like to host him? This means 25,000 Boca fans and others are receiving the river. You must appoint an army to control them. The following year, Santiago de Chile, when they came in ODI …!

This is the first chapters of the story. That will continue.

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