Friday , September 30 2022

Fernando McClel's couples warned: 'They will pay money, I will become their worst nightmare!' National


Fernando McKeill, a 21-year-old 21-year-old missing after being found dead on February 10, has not been seen as anonymous for more than 10 months since he lost his home in Konzi's municipality.

A few days before the Christmas and New Year, his partner, Louis Petersen, expressed regret that there was no further information on his site. "They are terrible dates (…) for all families, especially for important dates," he told Mú Bunan's Dias.

In addition, "We thought Fernando got into a car or something was going on to retire, but we started to reflect on it from time to time. She lay in a sauna ".

These viral police officers were trained a few months ago and it was near the house of McElcle.

Petersen assured her that she had nothing to do with the rented women. "She would have to contact a person who was going to get hit because Fernando He is not going to enter his own ",

"If it has arrived at the Fernanda Warehouse, it should be a well-known person." (The police) know it, the cameras speak for themselves ", added.

He realized who was involved in the disappearance of the Fernando Marquis. "They're going to pay, I'm going to be their nightmare"He warned.

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