Friday , September 30 2022

Femicide in Buenos Aires: A man killed his own wife and committed suicide


On Thursday night, a suicide bomber committed suicide, In the metropolitan region.

According to police information, A 51 year old knife took a knifewho is he? One year divorce, Later He took his life.

The FIG The daughter of the two(23) had warned her that she had attacked her Sharp object.

The FIG Captain Fabian RickshawMao's Prefecture official official explains: "The neighbors agree to get away from a block on their site, Subakiaia de cabineros mito. A senior man was attacking a woman in a house with a knife. "

When police reached the site of the attack, It's too late.

"(Officials) They can find the body of a woman, an adult (violent), Said the captain.

The FIG Genocide Brigade of the Investigative Police (PDI) He worked on the site of the ceremony to explain the facts.

According to the first record, there are no records of violent violence.

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