Thursday , June 8 2023

Fabián Cerda leaves the United States and leaves for Chile


Tulsa's Rootnax FC will be inaugurated from the Catholic University and will be meeting with Ignacio Gonzalez in Pontone, Palestine.

In the 2019 game he does not get into the team with Pele. The last edition of Copa C'Illi's Champions Trophy was signed. American promoter Tulsa Rautnaks arrived in a group led by Ivo Bassi with A Fi with Favian Sed. He signed a one-year contract.

"Arabs" had to fire to combat Sebastian Perez (Deportes Equuqué) and Dario Melo. Ignatius González, who has returned to the club after having defended San Luis de Quixata, has signed for it. Now confirms the arrival of the former goalkeeper in the Coquacia.

Sera played 54 matches in the two seasons of the Tulsa Rowznans FC. The Western Conference of the Second Division of Football in the United States is played by the team.

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