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Everyone thought he had a beer belly, but it was a 77-pound tumor cancer

For months, Californian Hector Hernandez has grown stomachs and is not free from his shoes. But The highest in the breed's stomach was 77 million tumors, the highest seen by doctors.

"I thought he was fat, and there was always a bigger person," Hernandez says New York Times In that one and a half years he lived without knowing the true cause of his life He heard all kinds of comments.

One day a man in a warehouse approached him and said to him in his stomach, because it was not good for him. "I'm laughing, I said I did not drink", Connecting Time.

And he did not eat much; But trying to eat food depending on the vegetation to determine if his stomach can be reduced. Everything was futile. Very soon Even working on his table felt like a "beach pole".

47-year-old Antoine was suffering from constipation, heart attack and shortness of breath. So he thought One doctor replied, "Some people have a weight gain in a different way".

But his stomach is still firmly touched, and he decided to make a second comment.

He did not think of the diagnosis: a rare form of lipartarcoma originating from fat cells and a giant tumor in his stomach.

Seng explained in an interview with the New York Times: "The biggest thing I saw was £ 77 Usually, the tumors are between 20 and 30 pounds.

"Swallowed" one of the Hornendez kidneys to be removed after about six hours of surgery. The good news is that the tumor does not spread to other organs.

But Sarkozy is likely to be back, More violent. Doctors have not yet understood that these types of tumors are genuine, and how they can be prevented and treated only by the surgery.

Hermantes now refunds for medical expenses through GoFundMe campaign.

it's good: "I feel great, I want to make myself strong", exclaims.


Liposaromas do not appear in stomach alone. They kneeled, knocked on their back and thighs, less often, neck, valve, or neck.

They are rare. It's 1 in 100,000 people. Usually between the ages of 40 and 60 will affect the elderly.

More like Hernandez People with liposarcoma do not get sick. The tumor (which is soft to touch or touch) is not painful. A physical exam is the first step to finding it.

Metamassism was able to control the immune system and lead a normal life


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