Thursday , September 29 2022

Even though the worst 2018, Bitcoins have a good rating


In the midst of the crisis that can affect the cryptocorture market, light can be lit. Although Bitcoin marks its worst year since its inception, the balance of digital currency performance in 2018 gets a positive rating.

The good news of the largest cryptocountant market presents an analysis of Bitcoin motion up to date 2011. In particular, US Treasury Fund AQR Capital Management expert Aaron Broun stated, close the digital currency, which was actually positive.

Bitcoin has made a surge in its high peak of $ 20,000 in December last year. At present, digital currency is US 4,000.

"The market price of all crypto cartants assets has also fallen from $ 800 billion to $ 100 billion in the beginning of the year, which is bad, but if you look at the basics of the market, then we get a 2018 B + rating," Brown says.

In a comment published by Bloomberg, Brown shows a chart, where he puts the bitcoin prices in 2017 and 2018. In 2011 and 2013 prices are in yellow and red prices. Everything has been simultaneously scaled at the same maximum price.

In this way, the expert in the Bitcoin price dropped down from the forefront of the price rise in the year 2017. Furthermore, the details of Browne's electronic currency have decreased within one year in 2011. Bitcoin did not show any major changes in 2013, taking four years to the new limit.

"Personally, I believe that the mystical potential of the technological revolution stands here and that it will encourage the development and support of the economy," Brown says.

Best Picture of 2018

Brown supports her analysis in 2018 with better estimates. This year, the number of confirmed individuals between 17 million and 35 million people doubled "almost exactly Internet users between 1995 and 1996," Brown said in his column in Bloomberg.

"The speed and kriprreagraphiyil or more jobs, or 2.6 times increased. The most important works projects and planning crypto teattatuttatilea before. Despite some setbacks, srrebilkeayinukalute (fixed price krippea), has exceeded expectations in the second nerrvarkkukalumellam decentralized level exchanges," Brown Basket Ticcerkkunnu.

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