Monday , February 6 2023

Eric Newman: There is no connection with drug trafficking



The author of The Narcus, who tells the story of Cocaine in Latin America and is already available in the "platform", is "the main problem" of drug trafficking and "drug trafficking". The business's "joy does not end". Eric Newman, who has since been three seasons, is still in the movies like Pablo Escobore, Colombian cattle in Kali and Medellín. With Diego Luna, head of the Mogallal Encelle Felix Gallardo, "Narkos: Mexico" travels before the turn of the 1970s and 80s, becoming a global geographical area for trafficking of drugs. What is the unique basis of the Colombian seasons in this series? The Mexican experience of "Drug On Drugs" is very different from Colombia. Columbian was always a success because it killed the largest carriages and in the 90s the violence reached its peak. Not only the Mexican war, but all the worse. The narcosis of this narrative is in the past. During the research, I learned how many weeks began with the growth of traders in Guadalajara, at the end of seven seven in Mexico's drugs drugs. Felix Gallardo was very talented. He nationalized an industry that had previously been a drugstore feudalom. This is the first supercar. How do you view critics who claim that this humanization is "glorifying" merchants? At the end of the Pablo escobar there is no glory, the candle flashes at a shade away from the family. These friends are wealthy, but they will not live to enjoy their money; There is no pleasure in drug trafficking. I think there is a danger that imaginary people are not in democracy. Because the existence of the existence is not true. If you think they will miss the chance to stop them before they form their animals.

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