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Endometriosis: "It was a relief to know that I'm not mad", a young woman's testimony seven years after the discovery.

He suffered a 24-year-old British lady, who suffered from menstrual disorder, and prevented him from performing his daily tasks.

However, the doctors confirmed that it had happened.

The girl should have been waiting for seven years. She found out why there are so many suffering about many doctors: she was endemigmatrius.

This is a disease that causes it The internal layer covering the womb develops in other parts of the body, It may lead to infertility.

This was not the only one who was diagnosed with the British. The British health authorities are making more awareness among doctors and health professionals.


Roche, working in a law firm in the World's Cardiff, told BBC that she had problems when she was a student.

"It was not normal curry, it was a painful pain," he says.

"I had many doctors who said I was a woman and that I had a pain and something to do with it."

Her family took her to a gynecologist, but she did not know why she was causing the pain. His activities in school were involved in his activities.

"In those years I have not heard of endometritis," he says.

Finally, a doctor suggested a laparoscopy. This is an exploration process that adds a camera to the ion.

Surgery endometriosis is not an expert and he has not found anything. Hence the hormonal contraceptive pills that the woman had recommended for the woman.

In the second year of college, she copied another laparoscopy as a specialist in endometriosis. Finally, after the age of 20 – seven seven years after the pain in her stomach – they recognized her.

"(News) Very interesting, I was reluctant to know that I was mad," says Alex.


What is That Endometriosis

  • The uterus (endometritium) develops outside the sex cells, for example, in ovaries or fallopian tubes.
  • This is mainly girls and young girls of reproductive age. It is less common in men who have menstrual periods.
  • It is a long term illness that can have a big impact on everyday life, but there are treatments that can help.
  • Symptoms: In the lower abdomen or pain in the urine, the urinal period can be pain and pain, during pregnancy, urination, bathing, nausea, constipation, diarrhea, or blood.
  • Endometriosis can lead to depression in some women.

Diagnosis and surgery

After the discovery of the disease, he performed surgery.

"I had vaccines, internal bleeding, and I did not expect all sorts of things, because the meridian part of my organs merged (soft and obscene)," he says.

The next day he worked for gas stations. The gallbladder was removed due to problems with the hormones they take.

Despite the diagnosis, Five doctors Family They said that there was no physical basis He only had a bigger length when he scratched a scanner, which was later removed.


Roach now believes that this disease affects one of the 10 patients and their impact on their lives.

The child does not know if he needs more surgeries in the future, she does not know the possibilities of the child.

"There must be an assignment Not enough Identify Find the disease. It is dangerous to experience these pains, but it is not clear what they are happening. "

"The main reason for infertility is this: I would have made a big difference if I had previously diagnosed my life, and in many women's lives, the damage done to me had been avoided."

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