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En cuánto estará el dólar en navidad

For example, operators estimates that it is worth a month, at $ 672.5.

Seen at the end of the day, we can see a large number of passengers on the pedestals and pass through the exterior. Considering the boom of the e-commerce, las comprising the extranjero siemer son of a worker, has been asked to give the men an opportunity to perform the duties of the pedestal … There is no limit to the accuracy of the tape.

The Encuesta de Operadores financieros (EOF) realizada enters the martes and the promotion of the expert's esperan que el dólar en Chile est de $ 670 en 28 días más, lo que es similar a los niveles en los que cotiza actualmente.

For example, the Banco Central estimate has been reduced to $ 672.5 per month.

Expectativas de inflación anual se reducen

According to the results of the study, the decision was made by the financial authorities of the financial institutions of the United States, which predicts that the 2018 rate will be reduced to 3% and 2,8%, respectively. como lo adelantó Diario Fianciero.

Esto, apoyado in the past, is the most important novelty of the new novel. Así, the median de las respuestas attributed to the IPC of 0% in the amount of moses, the mientras have been reduced to 0.1% of the same.

Gradualidad en el alza de tasas

Respecting a la evolución de la Tálas de Política Monetaria (TPM), the EOF seal of the revenue was reinforced in the 4th quarter of the 5th consecutive month of Banco Central, up 2,75%.

Así, los operators estimates that the 2019 product is at the rate of 3% in the TPM segment. Luego, and may have a 3,25% pa for a third of 3,5%.

The proportions of the reserve have been reduced to 2020, with the exception of 4%.

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