Friday , June 9 2023

Emily dries out because of the dye


Many of the accidents will have red summers. Immania Dides was the winner of the second generation program.

Speaking at this Tuesday ByeIn the highest moment of her career, the singer will be looking for other ways. His reason? During these months, the most talked about program will be formatted.

"This version (" Red on Vacation ") is not as though I am, it's more play. I'm not a bacon on TV. I do not know what was happening to me, to submit to music, and for what I have fabricated, "he said.

It does not close the door

In any case, Emilia Dides does not complicate this situation, but hopes to return to TV immediately. "I know I can forget someone, so I do not want to do things, it's publishing a lot in Instagram or inviting me to a TV show," he adds.

Polo? As part of this, Torri did not stay on the Valentine's Talent program, because she revealed that she "wanted to sing" in her "Instagram" account, which would become more complicated this summer style.

The romance in the red: Tory and Emilia Dads finally agree that Pollowo

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