Friday , September 30 2022

Elon Musk introduced his impressive underground car transport tunnel [FOTOS]


Founder and CEO Tesla, and Alon Musk, Presented this week Los Angeles (USA) A prototype tunnel to transport a passenger in the cabins or to transport it to its vehicles. He thought of a rush in big cities. About 2 km long, this tunnel was excavated under the base of the Aerospace Transport Company headquarters. SpaceX Inside Hawthorne (Los Angeles), And the musk was established.

A musk experiment It reaches 240 kilometers per hourIt's faster than an underground train, not more than 80 kilometers per hour. Smile Musk Greet the public after accepting the crowd Tesla Vehicle He succeeded in that exam.

The businessman explained the price of drying 10 million dollars, Your infrastructure is taken over by the company Boring Company, Combines traditional machine and cutting-edge technology to protect "time and money". This was compared to a traditional drooling system, since "radius is 40 times slower than a lemon." Because the radius was great.

the aim

The FIG Musk Developing a tunnel system that can be expanded and expanded like a 3D highway system under the surface. With high speed cabins with 16 passengers, or private vehicles will travel through tunnels through a truck with a hydraulic system going down a depth of the surface.

Travel from center to center Los Angeles To your international airport (LAX) It takes eight minutes. Normally, you need between 40 and 80. In fact, the idea of ​​craving in traffic in the Californian metropolis came down. "Traffic makes me mad"Two years ago, he announced Twitter as a "drying machine" and "start decking".

In addition to the prototype, the initial project instructions Los Angeles It's not your airport or a line "Doute loop" Take Angelo to the stadium Doctors From different neighborhoods in the city. The initial capacity of this system can bring about 1,400 people per share, 2.5% of the capacity of the stadium, and 56,000 for the equivalent.

With no limits, even with lusts

The FIG Mushishing boating company Not only with the suggestion Los AngelesBut another airport is connected to international airport Orere from Chicago In the middle of the winds, from Washington and Baltimore. In a more advanced phase, some saving customers in Los Angeles offer large saving, one of the busiest traffic practices in the country.

Musk Maskin has stated that he does not have a timeline or budget for his project, saying: "I have only one thing to withstand major traffic problems in major cities." Any city in the world has serious traffic problems and does not see any other capital anywhere else, "he added.


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