Monday , June 5 2023

Eledín Parraguez, "true Machuca" denies the quota of poor students in paid schools: "This is not a solution"


Edin ParagasHe is the professor and writer of the book Three years to be bornThat person The character Pedro Maruchya was a great inspirationFrom film Match it.

From 1971 to 1973 he went to St. George's College. On September 11, he held his secondary education at San Ignacio School, Military Strike.

He lived in a town on the banks of the las canada. He was away from his colleagues at St George. "The experience is sweet and lovely," he said in an interview 360 °. "There were always difficulties, because This creates psychological consequencesHe added.

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The panic attacks had many prejudices, and the prerogatives like the poor were not accessible, tender, and lacked. "Even so, he stands favorable:" I was able to go to university, and then I got a scholarship. I could learn abroad. This does not mean I'm too small but wise, I mean only a chance"

Is it possible to replicate that system?

When asked about the project The law of law The Opposition aimed at establishing a reservation for more vulnerable students in institutions,This is not the solution, because all the schools are goodPublic education, private education, schools should be ensured in public education, so no need for any reforms. "

"In some cases it can be useful, but it will provoke the contradiction in people, especially teenagers. Resist these clausesHe added.

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