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Dumbbell in an hour


November 25, 2018 02:04 AM

At the 90th minute, Barcelona defeated Barcelona and Atlático de Madrid in the home of Ospreet Dumbella. A Crown from Diego Costa is extraordinarily tactical, practical and harmful as the Atlitat team has seen their win and lead.

After a game for over 80 minutes after Diego's play came out, it was not for Barcelona but for the athlete that she kept the match on the head of classification on Sunday. The rescue operation ended with Costa and Dimbele, who were still in dispute. There have been disputes between Attico and Barcelona.

Everything is in very unplanned planning. No more to be surprised, the fights of styles: the ability to hold the Bloc blocked, at the beginning of the moment, as the minute has passed.

A new twin set up from the beginning, the trick from the tricks, the content from the risks, all the details are set and nothing new with the intensity of a fight on the top. Each ball may have been last but sometime as a ball depended on the result.

Within all the quiet calm, knowing that any action or faction can make a difference or a difference of everyone else; Barzilona was the first ladder from Barcelona. That's the reason for an era. It is armed with a weapon around alkal. When Messi hit the ball, his opponent repeated the middle.

In the first phase, far away from the opposite, without any further combination, there are difficulties to exit; Shimin has been converted into two pieces: from the middle to to the band; Coke, from the middle band. This resulted in Atlético's emergence in another field, but his opponent was further reduced.

During the Halfpho ime, Garrick Piqué, who solved Sura Stein in half a time in the Atlitat, Barça's half-century – Sergio Roberto's innocuous center, then injured with injuries, did not achieve anything, and in the second half, a game should be achieved in such an extent and complexity. Neither responsibility nor responsibility has been taken.

Attico and Barcelona. In the RoberBank Set, notably Gray, Guzmanamo, Diego Costa, Lemarino, Messi, and Luis Suarez without any seriousness in the block block. Players have not played between three teams so far. The second for the first opportunity.

The ball was a ball, but it did not hit the ball, it could not break in the previous meter, the local strength was reduced. Atlético wanted opponents, but they were not able to wait in their own field to diversify the one who could handle the best handling.

He was dismissed by a perfect corner kick-grimmeman. He was the successor to Diego Costa. In the 80th minute, Demel and the last-minute resource at Waldhard, Messi's "clarity" players fixed a place for Barcelona.

/// Technical Data Sheet ///

1 – Atlatio de Madrid: Oblok; Aras, Savik, Lucas, Philip; Cocle, Rodrigo, Saul, Lemar (Vittelo, M.63); Grissman and Diego Costa (Cor, M80).

1 – Barcelona: ter Steegen; Nelson Semedo, Picnic, Umuti, Jordi Al Aaba; Sergi Roberto (Rafinha, m.46), Basvets, Arthur (Dembela, M. 80), Vidal (Malomam, M.84); Messi and Luis Suarez. Goals: 1-0, M. 78: In front of a cornerstone of Diego Costa Grissman. 1-1, m 90: Dumbbell dribbles Obelak Referee: Gil Manzano (C. Endorono). Lucas Santander's 13th round party has played 67,000 spectators in Wanda Metropolitan Stadium, Lukas (39), Grimsman (48), Rodriguez (86), Philip Louis (87), Bakkats (29)

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