Tuesday , September 27 2022

Dry eye syndrome leads to a cancer transplant



Two people are from every 10 people in the world Dried eye syndromeIf a condition does not take the time, it may be a necessity Cornea transplant, optometrist Leticia Orozco said Efe.

"This is an event Multidisciplinary disease The tear of the tears or the tear of the tear is further evaporated. Visual acuity Experts said the surface of the ovary will be damaged.

According to the documents of the Conde de Valenciai Ophthalmology Institute, nine of the 10 patients in Mexico have eye problems in Mexico.

"If it is not found that appropriate treatment is carried out, the need for sugarcane is possible, and surgical interventions, which are shifting the broken cornea through a normal cornea," said the expert.

The main symptoms of this disease are bleeding, exhausting, awakening and worrying when the eye grips the feel of the computer, working on television or reading, Orozco explained.

"It is mainly affecting daily activities because the person with this disease has high sensitivity to light, stimulation, itching, and it interferes with everyday activities such as night or reading driving," he said.

He explained that women are more difficult in this situation. He said that people aged 50 have more risk and complexities due to lupus, arthritis, rheumatic and other autoimmune diseases.

Dry eye is associated with constant use of electronic devices such as tablet and computer. Because the tear gas is easily evaporated and the activities that require total attention, there is a reduction in flashing frequency.

Experts explained that he is convinced that he does not get sick of this condition. "It indicates that tears are correct.

He explained that the importance of timely determination of the disease is timely and to avoid more serious consequences.

The specialist says that the symptoms are not accurate, and 300 million people worldwide are now neglected.

"People do not suspect that they are awakening, because they make more tears," he said.

Because of this, many patients often understand why a lubricant is not available and it will result in effective treatment because "it can not be used with any lubricant to remove the discomfort," he said.

Orozco said that people with substance, diabetes and blood pressure are likely to be affected.

Without the televised silence, you can develop this disturbance to spend much time in front of the computer.

It is important for every year to avoid contacting the eye-raising eyes.

Similarly, if you want to work regularly in front of electronic devices, you should occasionally make use of visual editing, such as glasses or contact lenses, and work well enough.

"It is necessary to stop blinking, use electronic devices or use artificial tears in certain tasks that require certain eyes, but always provide a specialist advice," he said. EFE

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