Tuesday , January 31 2023

Dorado di Maradona is in the second division final


AFP / T13

Argentina coach Diego Maradona and Dorado On Saturday, Liga D'Ascenso (second division) of the Mexican football was raised to the league. 1-0 defeated Against Breve in the second half of the semifinal.

LosDadaroos de Zenolo, a former world class galaxy They defeated Braves de jauras in tailThey were the leaders who continued in the second place.

Maradona's first match of the series 2-0 At Barnorth Stadium.

Saturday at the Benito Juarez Olympic Stadium, Braves won 1-0 through a penalty Brazilian Leandro Carijo scored in 39 minutes.

When the match ends, Maradona led the celebration The song in the dressing room reached the final.

"All the returns we will give from Maradona's hand!", They dances in their coaches and dances intensely with the groves.

On the eighth day of Maradona adopted Dorodos's technical advice, The team had three points He was in the 13th place among 15 people.

Sainan team Continued to be at seventh place With 22 points.

Diego and Dorado from the tenth date And nine games were lost Seven successes and two draws.

The loss on Thursday ends last Saturday.

Second Finalist This Sunday will be known Andras Quintana Roo Room stadium In this type, Atlanta San Luis can improve Atlanta 3-0.

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