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Doha will be given seven million dollars for the final

The Qatari is responsible for the transfer of tariffs, living expenses, and expenses for fans in rivers. The Khalifa Stadium has a cooling system.

In Argentina, when Copa Libertadoras was confirmed to be the final, the stadiums on the riverbed began to appear. The land and bovine are national Even in Cokwimbo, Antofaggasta and Constance the jokes have been raised, although Chile is far from playing in Chile and South America.

The Doha Finals is an effort to be hosted primarily for the financial proposal. Brazilian daily Globo says, from the commercial contradictions between the country's main airline, the comfolle.

What's Special Qatari Offer? They will take over responsibility for the reimbursement of tickets and the transfer and expenditure of the two delegations that are part of them, which is part of their respective mini- Millions of dollars.

What this means: If the alternative comes into force, the meeting will be held at Khalifa International Stadium in Riyan town on December 8 and access to the public. Well, as long as Boka wanted to show. If Do not Be Trending? On December 9th at Asuncio.

In order to take into consideration: Ryan Colossus is a high quality roof, with high temperatures of 50,000 spectators and a cooling system. There, Japan and Australia were the 2011 Asia Cup final. In 2010 Messi scored 1-0 to Brazil in a 1-0 win over Brazil.

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