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Do you have anything In 2019, famous Chile is now used for beauty and beauty

The new year started and it came in different fashion trends that you will definitely consider without your closet. In this case, the shoe is essential for adding clothes together.

For this reason, we have made a collection of trends in sports shoes that are angry with our site on social networks.

Colorful, classic, sports, is part of a wide variety of variety you can wear on these 2019. Here are some designs and recommendations of some experts:

Classic white

The white snoopers (some classic style) fashion began to appear in this new season in 2011 and began to subdue the world.

Any kind of footwear can be used, whether it's a sports event or a formal dinner, Sarah Fernandes, the head of style stylistists at the fashion site Vue España, explained.

The famous brands such as Adidas, Nike and Puma collected in this white style, along with famous brands such as Renault and Canvie West, designers like Stella McCarthy and Ricardo Tissy.

It works

Since these shoes have been designed for physical activity, these shoes have become a trend for any occasion and are fully integrated into a common perspective.

With different colors and shapes, your shoes give you the comfort you need in everyday activities.

In this situation, Paula Butrageno, Nike Master Trainer, pointed to the cosmopolitan site. In these circumstances, you should choose the shoe with low shoshing, allowing it to be more natural for your lights.

Using the platform

In the style of the Champions League singer Duu Lipa, the trend of the shoes in fashion has influenced the fashion world. They were released in the 90's.

The idea of ​​growing a few centimeters is well known. In addition, this sports shoes can give your wear an important touch of color.

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