Wednesday , October 5 2022

Do not take "gas" from your body


This affects the fasting of daily activities

Mexico City (Nautimax) – The body is like a vehicle without a vehicle. Our brain is the center of commands. You need fuel to develop your work. Because it is from glucose (sugar in the blood) from primary food to primary food.

Avoiding breakfast may stop you from eating for more than six hours, even more quickly than you can. This will happen at any time of the day.

Energy requires energy to do any activity or activity of the body. So avoid being consumed by eating or eating food or food to lose weight, to lose weight or for any other religious reasons. That can be achieved.

Men and women are more likely to have gastritis, dizziness, fatigue, concentration, excessive obesity, and diabetes.

The body's glucose consumption begins when it is exposed to morning obstruction. If the practice is permanent, there should be no less than 400 damages.

The first thing that happens is that it reduces the attention and the ability to understand and care for children and adults. "There may be difficulties to understand some of the studies and studies in your children. A nutritionist at Jurasses de Maksino in Salvador's hospital said. Ortis Gutierrez.

Very accurate operation can be difficult. For example, a car driving, breakfast, and lack of glucose should work properly.

Exhaustion (especially in the morning) and a desire to lose weight make some people excluding breakfast and other meals.

Another risk is the form of gastritis, because when it is not eaten, gastric acid can strain the stomach continuously.

Increase your weight will increase your weight gain. Because when a hungry hut is given to a fast food, the hungry animals eat it entirely.

Salvador Zubairan, an expert at the National Institute of Medical Sciences and Nutrition, said: "When you are fasting, eating excess food, eating excessive food, and proper quantities of nutrients, you need to remove the appetite you need to get the physical size, fat and calories.

Simone Barevera, Director of the National Institute of Public Health, National Institute of Public Health, said that lifestyle changes are in the past.

"Lifestyle There are some practices that help maintain a healthy standard of living, spend less time consuming, and spend less time to eat than it's calorie and it's not good for your health," he said.

Special stress emphasizes that there is a need for proper schedules for the meal. However, because of the high concentrations of sugar and sodium, the choice of natural foods should be avoided and supplementation of super-processing and packaged products should be avoided. Diabetes and high blood pressure leads. Overweight

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