Friday , June 9 2023

Directly into the room: Juan David Rodriguez shines in red with shades of TV shows


Now the perpetrators of the extinction Red, fame control The Talent Show has been invited to the summer edition.

Each week, the jury will be shared with the presence of a remembered extrustrace space, where two teams participate in interesting music competitions and knowledge.

That was the case with Juan David Rodriguez, the third generation of the older generation Red, To evaluate participants, and to make them publicly affected by specific humor.

In Tuesday's chapter, it was proven by the interpreter Earthworm He fell into a stronghold. At the end of the musical mix, Rodriguez tried to attract her to the dance.

"Juan David Rodriguez is separating and selling," the singer did not compromise the game, while the singer was withdrawing, adding the voice of a program called Jaime Davgonano.

At that moment, Juan Daven was there He lost his balance and fell sand. Following this accident, he could not hold on to laughter and they stopped writing it.

Check the moment below:

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