Thursday , September 29 2022

Did it start? Juan Dartys went to Brazil and shouted out at the critics of "Ugly Declining"


"The Soldier Starts …", you well know how to end the popularity. But in these circumstances talking about cowardice has taken another path.

When the war between rivals and opponents, Argentine Juan Darties left the country from Brazil.

It is reported by the radio station RadiofionicThe flight to São Paulo is the photographer confirmed that the plane entered the airport in Rosario, Argentina.



It is unclear whether he was alone or not traveling alone. According to Toda Noticiasis, Maria Leon has indicated that her wife and two children will live in this new destination.

In a gathering, it does not need to be bad – the Brazil's justice does not envision the opportunity to transfer people to Nicaragua or Argentina, because there is no judicial co-operation agreement with those countries.

Remember, Dartys faced a stiff resistance to the actress Tehma Faridn, who allegedly kidnapped her during a tour in Nicaragua. Ugly ducklingSeries of children participating two years ago.

In an interview to the A 24 channel in an interview, actor said he knew how to complain about the complaint. "You can not tell the night that I spent (…) I want people to know that I am dead, they can not kill me twice, and for me I have only one thing to tell my truth, I have not crucified anyone and will never hurt anyone."

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