Thursday , June 8 2023

Deputy Jokin Levin: "Kati Bariga will always be part of MyF's History"


UID Deputy Jokin Lavrov Leone walked out to save his wife Mayer Katyabriga. After questioning the communal force at the tomb of the great regional leader, Lazio Nashional de Maupu.

According to the 24-hour collected statements, parliamentarian pointed out that Bargi criticized the criticism and tried to break it. She is a woman working in municipality mafia. "

Lovely Leone wrote about the controversy over the performance of his statue at the National High School "This scholar passes over the last 200 years, the first mayor, which has won a place in history and likes it. "

"This is a great deal of respectBariga will always be part of Mif's history as an early mayor of " And he made it clear.

Parliamentarian defended Bariga's management as mayor of Mary. "She's a very middle-aged woman, very dear." … These criticisms strengthen her. "

In addition, deputy lavin also went on to say, "There are many people who want to be elected Chile Katato Bariga's next president."

Yet, at least in a short period of time, the Communist leader has begun parliamentary career because "she is a big mayor, she loves civil service, not politics, and this is often the case here.

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