Tuesday , January 31 2023

Declare measures against informal activities and protect domestic workers


Nicholas Monkeberg, the Social Welfare Minister of Labor, calls on about 50,000 employers who have not yet registered their contracts with private sector workers. After a meeting with various groups in this area,

It is celebrated on November 21 according to the National Day Celebration of the special day celebration of Casa. Minister Nicolas Monkeberg said that about 240 million employers are responsible for registering the contract between 2015 and 2015. And fifty thousand there are a thousand. According to the IEEE, there are 289 thousand workers in this sector. There is an unofficial charge that needs to be corrected.

Announced a series of schemes for counteracting the informal activities of domestic workers and the management of special regulatory authorities, government authorities. The Beneficiaries of the Universal Nursery will distribute the Vocational Training Scholarship through Science.

They reached 1,122 in 2017 and 601 in October this year. Los Lagos (65) and Valparaíse (47) are among the metropolitan region.

The list of topics that include the life and health of the workers, the care of the child, the precision of work, the working hours, the breaks, the annual leave, the permits, the employer's needs and rights. Issues (38.4%), Benefits (19.7%), Salaries (8.9%), Quotes (8.8%) and Labor Contract (8.3%).

The most injuries caused by domestic labor are burning and mental illness.

In penalty, there were 1,590 people in 2015. In 2016 they reached 199; From 2017 to 156, and from 2018 to 105, the largest number of liabilities were on this subject. The DFL 2 in the Labor Ministry did not join. (34), the extraordinary time (33) of the New Testament of the Law 20,786 (21).

Nicholas Monkberg emphasized that "in all respects, family, insecure, at the expense of people who care for our children, in all respects, safe, respectable, contracted, and social security".

However, to conduct a program to protect migrant workers and to protect workers, DT Presiding Minister MonkBerg reported. In this framework, Audiovisual support materials will be prepared for workers and their employers, and will plan and implement projective inspection processes and treaties and alliances with other services that will help them implement.

However, in November 2012, innovative information on rights of domestic workers in all regional labor directives was distributed.

On occasions the authorities and workers decided to implement the Act 20,786 which came into effect in January 2015, no need to wear uniforms at public places, registration of contracts in the Labor Directorate (onlinehttp://www.dt.gob.cl), Decrease working hours, and others. Fewer errors from 1 ($ 48,160) to 10 UTM ($ 481,600), depending on the errors found in each discrepancy.

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